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MH : Kayoko Kishi by MiyoKitten MH : Kayoko Kishi by MiyoKitten
App for :iconmiyagawa-high:  <33


Name: Kishi Kayoko ( "beautiful/increasing generation ") Korean --> "Yoon Ki Ki "
Nicknames: Kishichan , Kittychan , Kayochuu (Rem) , Chocochan (Takuma)
Age: 17
Year: 3rd(A)
Birthday: January 20th
Height: 4'4
Gender: Midget Female
Home or boarding: boarding school 
Club: Manga Drawing (President) , Student council and class president i swear this midget might own the school soon enough with the power she has XD )

Bio: v

Kayoko was born in South Korea ,Seoul in place call street cherry blossoming, on her parents second honeymoon,  her father a professional ninja in Japan , he got hired to protect the woman that is actually his wife now, didn't think he was gonna win her over cause of his height but actually manage to save her father with his abilities to get through a really short stretch hole when they was a fire saving not only his father in law but all the people in the place. Kayoko's typical hairstyle actually comes from her father side of the family :iconpapmingplz: Her mother  daughter of a very wealthy family didnt like much the life she was having sometimes feeling lonely she got the cute obsession of making Kimono's which make her into a  designer while raising Kayoko with her husband. Her mother always tries to make  her wear one when the occasion comes specially when the grandfather comes visit thou Kayoko wont allowed herself to get into one. After Kayoko turn 5 of age her parents decided to settled down in Japan ,she has a heavy korean accent making her stand out in Preschool , reason number one she is short of words when trying to speak Japanese ,  has a tendency to hide when people is around since she is a little short for her age , thou when she met Rui on the way to classroom she noticed his messy hair. Thou he didnt understand her at first they manage to became friends easily , he became her main mentor cause of her parents continues traveling. Kayoko loves Rui thou she doesnt realize it that her feelings have a deep meaning. The only occasions Kayoko actually wear a kimono wear went her mother bought her tickets to see (Fx) in Concert thou she drag Rui wearing a kimono along with her XD. In her eyes Rui is like the korean singer Kim Joong Kook ,grumpy , cute and can be sweet sometimes <3 c;
After having stuff with Rem (lets say they went deep) she decided to start avoiding him for the sake of deleted the feeling she have for him although sometimes if she see him , she would want to run and kiss but now she try to have restrain when she comes near him. You might find her helping around the school  library , sometimes in the hospital where her father works or just being a model to her mother since she a designer. Haruki and Izusu are part of her close friends next to Rui and Yuuta


 kinda pervert ( healthy kind ) i blame Rui for this since she stalk the Kojima's brothers playing the Otome games :iconohyouplz:
 very expressive of what she thinks of people
 sometimes sensitive thou u would see if she is sulking or not.
 Uses her hair to cover her eyes when she is looking for models for her Manga.
 can be very bossy but tries as much to help
 a prankster and a teaser
 she is innocent and shy deep down (only people that was able to get that side out of her is Rui and Rem )


playing the guitar
loves K-Pop and actually sing to Rui a korean song when he was sick thinking she might lost him like she lost her grandma
Amber ( fx group ) wants to be like her
pocky ( any kind but preferably chocolate qwq <3 )
she is a cat lover
her childhood friend Rui // not a crush just friendship... for now..maybe
Grape Juice
Bubble tea
loves to be call sempai
tall guys cause they make great models :iconidekplz:


Clingy people ( can tolerate them sometimes )
reptiles (cause they are hard to draw for her lol)
when people ask her about the color of her eyes
people that whine about their height , cause they should be proud of their height


Her voice… ( 0:22 - 0:36 - 1:01 - 2:51
does this… when she is bored
Inspired Kayoko…
Kayoko's hair is really curly/wavy this is the reason why she tries to keep it short <';


Mitoshi Kishi ( Kayoko's older cousin , they have been arrange to get marry if she doesn't manage to find a man by the age of 18 , they have seen each other only one time before Kayoko's family moved to Japan ,he actually scream to her that they will get marry once he finish and become a man of good to give Kayoko the life she need it , note she was 3 and he was 7 when he said that  XD )

* Kojima Rui   childhood friends and preschool wild hair buddies Friends  .
* Rem Kobayashi   ( her friend , his like an older brother for her a person that she started to develop feeling for <3)
* Mikoto Sayomi a really good friend , she loves her and actually have some kind a relationship ,also she is her partner in crime while stalking people
* Takashi Fujioka   (her ex it was a mutual break up since..alot of things were going on)
* Shou Yoshinro
* Aya Kiski ( member of the Manga Club <3 )
* Ichirou Okuma ( he is like a model in a whole new level qwq )
* Haruki Nejiko   her own personal buttler taught at first she didnt want him to be cause she got embarrassed, she noticed that when her heart start aching Haruki seems to be there to calm it down.
* Izusu Nejiko this little girl like Kayo calls her is far enough other of the girl friends she ever had , Kayo likes to hand out with her to learn hand sign , she finds her interesting and likes her twin brother both them can calm her heart.
* Kiyoshi Ito friend that taught her how to make chocolate

more will be add as i rp ^^

more of her:

MH : smile Ruichan by MiyoKitten  MH: wild hair buddies by MiyoKitten  MH : sleeping together by MiyoKitten  MH: kissu under the scarf ~ by MiyoKitten

might fix it more later ;v;
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