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December 27, 2013
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KHE:  Mimi Sensei by MiyoKitten KHE:  Mimi Sensei by MiyoKitten
i finally updated her app XD, so sorry for taking so long ;v;
and we can say she went for vacation to visit her little brother <3
i bet noone miss her :iconminghideplz:

:star: | Name: | - Mimi Miyazaki double M for awesoness :iconawwyeahplz:

:star:| Age: | - 22

:star:|Gender: |- Female

| Height: |- 5'5

:star:| Weight: |- 130 lbs

:star:|Class: |- Science

:star:| Club: |- TBA

:star:| Likes:  |- purple tulips , cute things, Karate (cause uhhm :iconinubishieplz: <3 ) oranges , her teaching

:star:| Dislikes: | - alcohol , diet -lol- weird people on the streets XD , doesnt like to get surprise , she would scream

:star:| Sexual Preference: | - Straight

| History: | Mimi was born in Osaka , Japan on November 9th although she and her mother constantly move cause of her Dad being in the army , at the age of 13 her mother pass away from an incurable disease which make her want to study Science and nursing to push away the pain of losing her Mother although at times she would have which she was there with her but that didnt stop her . At the age of 15 ..finds out about that she has a half brother (Akimitsu… ) and is the small boy her Dad brought back home saying he found it on the streets when Mimi was 10 and he was 3...from that point on they 4 live together until Akimitsu's Mother came and took him away, at first Mimi was confused but her Father told her what was happening thou she would be mad at her father for cheating to her took her time to assimilate the thing  thou Mimi love her little brother to death and wanted to make him come back and live with them... his mother wasnt bad she just overprotective alot , it wasnt really his fault thou Mimi isnt a person that hold a grudge against anybody , she forgave them and got a bit attached to him more then her father just like he was his little full blooded brother <3 . At the age of 18 she graduated with honors as a teacher using those credit managed to take nursing classes in the afternoon after her teaching in the mornings , she managed not to ask her father for anything cause  thats how she wanted to survive on her own. she would get easily confused as a student,  she adopt it a bunny to keep her company while helping her little brother At the age of 20 she met a lovely ginger that kinda became her crush although she was fired from where he was attending ...she isnt really into a relationship yet  thou she knows between her and the student it isnt gonna work out so she just admires him and sometimes travel with him for his Karate tournaments , i guess u can say that besides the ginger boy the History teacher is another guy that she might be getting interested on but who knows thou.
She currently find out her cousins are going to the school she is teaching and which make it more awkward Shou (… her cousin for her Mother side was already close to her thou she tries to cover up for him when he skips classes just as long as he doesnt skip hers :iconneveraloneplz: <3 .
Other of her cousins is Kokuhaku (… )cousin from her Father side thou she still are getting to know her , she is already acquaintances with her  c;

:star:| Personality: |

Shy: can be at times or just maybe cause of love confessions

Polite: she is really well mannered thou at times she might swear not to her students thou.

nerdy: thou at first she didnt being call like that she gotta admit that she was really a nerd.

lay back: mimi has a secret pass while she was still working as a nurse in this old high school, making the students get in trouble.

Trustworthy: mimi can become ur friend if ur in a pinch but doesnt like when people abuse that privilege.

Naive: her students got away with her taking them to Victory Secret :iconpapplz:

:star: | Misc: | the Math and art teacher are her friends , she actually really respect them and want to teach like them XD , only them are the one that can call her by her name <3 , coaches the basketball team,

:star: | Relationships: | - ahahaha

Tetsuya:  her Crush from long ago thou she isnt working in that academy anymore she still has some feelings for him just  :iconuhuhuhuplz: this things only Nachan and Yuechan can know about just...forbidden love :iconneveraloneplz:

Kumi: her teacher's pet ...since Mimi have noticed this cutie is actually a smartie in her Class she loves having her around like a little sister , not only that they actually have some similarities has a thing for bunnies...XDDD....she gave her a heart attack while being in the victory secret store when she placed the bra over her and asking the History teacher how did it look on her :iconblushuplz:

Airi: the girl that ...what can mimi think of her ..she knows she is kinda weird but in a good way <3 ..just no more field strip to that store thou

Tadasu: Mimi says this boy is well mannered and polite and hnnnggg she loves him ...just his so respectful thou she would like him to talk more only time will tell i guess XD

Daisuke: she feels sorry for him getting corrupted by the girls :iconminghideplz: thou she enjoy having him in her Class

Kagome sensei: just she doesnt know what to think of him yet..thou she say he was an interesting person ,they are kinda apartment neighbors :iconuhuhuhuplz:

Yuuto : another of her favorite students mimi thinks his really really but pleasent to have him around as long as he doesnt surprise her with his screaming

:star: RP example

" no is like this :iconfree18plz: "

" science is the mother of all :iconfree15plz:"

" would to be a dear and gives this lollipop to Hoshisan ,Saikosan :iconfree18plz: "

icons that i would mostly use for her

:icontimoteiiplz: :iconkonataizumiplz: :icongoodjobplz: :iconkonatathumbsupplz: :iconkonataplz: :iconevilkonataplz: :iconkonataheplz: :iconkonatacryplz: :iconkonatarapefaceplz:

Tetsuya  @:icontaminki:
Akimitsu  @ :iconlinkslover4ever:
Kiyue  @:iconchanningh:
Natsuki  @ :iconwinhdia:
Shou  @:iconberbyy:
Kumi @:iconluvscissors:
Kagome Sensei @ :iconkarikumik:
Yuuto @ :iconkuuru-kun:
Airi @ :iconocty-queen:
Tadasu @ :iconeuphoriiae:
Daisuke @ :iconshimmyshom:


im open for rp Comments , notes , Skype etc ;v;
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