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~ Nagano ~ Clan ~

HSVlogo by MiyoKitten

HSV: Nagano Info by MiyoKitten ::NAGANO CLAN:: by MiyoKitten

Naoki Timeskip Personality Profile by MiyoKitten HSV: Toshiro Nagano by MiyoKitten ::HVS:: Hiroko info card by MiyoKitten

ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ

╰( ´・ω・)つ──


pandas by Emoji-kun ~ TakaNao Icons by Sukieyo ~ pandas by Emoji-kunTG_Roku STAMP by SoulOfPersephoneCouple Icon c: by MiyoKitten
[ Rem | Kayoko ] by InconcabilleKoMa stamp by MiyoKittenKoMa by MiyoKitten:iconnejimi-fc:TakaNao Support love by MiyoKitten :icontakanao-fc: :KA:_ShiYou_STAMP by SoulOfPersephone DouKura STAMP by NeskaMD Akane Miyazaki [Stamp gift] by Nyoko-Hime-Chan Stamp- Koneko by Heavens-Aria
Seijou Nagano [Stamp gift] by Nyoko-Hime-ChanNaoki Supoort Stamp by MiyoKittenNeji Fan by HitomiHyuuga2TG_Atsushi STAMP by SoulOfPersephoneTG_TsuyoiAsukai_TheDeathBringer by SoulOfPersephoneTG_HimawariSTAMP by SoulOfPersephoneNarashi Support Stamp by MiyoKitten[HSV] Stamp - HaSa Fan by Su-KichuyaTakano support stamp by MiyoKittenSeiji Stamp Support by MiyoKittenKouji Support Stamp by MiyoKittenAtsushi Support Stamp by MiyoKittenFutami Support Stamp by MiyoKitten Kyazure Stamp by kiyoshimoYoshida sibs by MiyoKittenSTAMP: Summertime Record - Kegerou Project by MikuFregapaneStamp: Yobanashi Deceive - Kano Shuuya by MikuFregapaneStamp: Hyouka - Satoshi and Houtarou by MikuFregapaneStamp - Kuroko No Basket 03 by Kaki-GraphicsStamp - Kuroko No Basket 04 by Kaki-GraphicsStamp - Kuroko No Basket 02 by Kaki-GraphicsStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXKuroko Fan Stamp 2 by eki-keiStamp: Hyouka - Satoshi x Houtarou by MikuFregapaneStamp: Hyouka - Satoshi Fukube 02 by MikuFregapaneSTAMP: Outer Science 03 - Kagerou Project by MikuFregapanePC: cucumber-mints by CookieHolicNyuStamp ~ Thank you, Naruto by JudietteStamp ~ Sasuhina because OTP by JudietteSasuHina Shippers by Gypsy-MoonHinata love - Stamp by KaorulovNH Stamp by AleSwanDBZ animated Stamp - epi207 by hanakt

ฅ( ͒ᵕ̳◡ᵕ̳ ͒)。

Pair Mission

:bulletpink: March : LightWings16 - sparring/extra training
:bulletpink: May: animeinsanity112989 - Skip
:bulletpink: July: dreamchaser21 - nightclub undercover
:bulletpink: August: mandarain-a - help your client with their work. The work is specifically Festival oriented. Some of the tasks may include - cooking, cleaning, building stands, etc.

Team Mission

:bulletpink: January: --> Laughter/ Streaking Hade/ Fish /Flowers/ Baby it's cold outside
:bulletpink: April: RTN get together
:bulletpink: May: Memories
:bulletpink: Jun: battle of the bands
:bulletpink: Arc War: Your two teams are going to arrive in Omoichidou as a traveling circus. During the time you are coming to the village, there are many traders and pilgrims from neighboring towns that made their way into Omoichidou. Nothing would be too suspicious about a traveling circus joining in. Atsuo will be borrowing one of the Kobiru Tigers from present day and taking it with you. Be sure to keep track of her to bring her back. Enemy Encountered --> Hoshiko // Ancestors Encountered --> Amatou Ancestor / Fujihara Ancestor / Miyazaki Ancestor
:bulletpink: August: Your team is assigned to come up with a food/game stand for the festival.

Path Mission

:bulletpink: January: Washing animals / Taking them for walks / Prepping specialized meals
:bulletpink: February: Valentines Delivery Service
:bulletpink: March: Pet Show
:bulletpink: April: Spend a day with an animal of your choice
:bulletpink: July: Release the hounds! We need to sniff out our missing Mayor
:bulletpink: Arc War :The Kobiru big cats are fighting the Soushou wolves.
:bulletpink: August:The petting zoo is open! Take shifts making sure people don't hurt or get hurt by the animals. Even animals enjoy the festival.


Takano x Naoki


Solo Mission

:bulletpink: January : Boss / Revive / game / fight / betrayed
:bulletpink: February: Chocolate :star:
:bulletpink: March: prepare for chunin exam
:bulletpink: April: rtn :star:
:bulletpink: June : Design your OC's ROCK STAR look
:bulletpink: July: Give your OC a Roaring 20s look!
:bulletpink: August: Draw/write your character getting ready/dressed up for the Shrine Festival.
:bulletpink: September: Look out for anything suspicious and make sure you are not spotted and recognized by the enemies or past residence alike..
:bulletpink: October: Create your Ghost of the Past OC


:bulletpink: January: Yikes! There’s a lot of snow out there…with so much it seems to be looking like the best idea is to just stay in and keep warm; it's much too dangerous to go outside at all. Write or draw about your OC keeping warm with their family or friends while they wait out the storm.

Bonus! If you’re a lightning user, try to generate some power in your building with your chakra. Or if you’re a fire user, do your best to build a fire to keep everyone warm.

:bulletpink: February: Well, the snow has finally subsided. Looks like it’s time to venture out and aid some of the civilians who are trapped in their homes from all the snow! Write or draw about your OC digging out the civilians in need.

Bonus! If you’re an air user, use your skills to blow away the snow.


ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ


:star: Toshiro Academy Prompts , solo , Pair and Team missions.
:star: TakaNao doodles
:star: Amatou/Hiroko doodles
:star: Takumi Warashi Civilian fullbody and Taku/Tai doodles
:star: ToshOna doodles
:star: Hanabira civilian fullbody


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Waiting On...:heart:

CM: Naoki height chart Chloeeh *
CM: Naoki younger/older version Purinsesu-sama *
CM: Masaru/Naoki/Narashi academy style Purinsesu-sama
CM: Takano/Naoki pastelkake *
CM: Kayoko/Rui/Yuuta Free
CM: Miyoko Pokemon OC pastelkake *
CM: Koichi brothers Free
CM: Miwa/Naoki/Rudoku pastelkake *
CM: 2 fullbodies Miyoko/piplup , Naoki/Nitta ichan-desu *
CM: 4 fullbodies with BG / 2 halfbodies with BG Tsukihii * :star: :star:
CM: 4 fullbodies Tielss * :star: :star:
CM: 8 chibis dynamic poses Kurama-chan
CM: 12 AT WhipCrack *
CM: 3 pagedolls emu-chann * :star: :star:
CM: 3 screenshots 2/5/2 GabrielaUliana
CM: 4 colored chibis/knee up sketch yui-22*
CM: 5 fullbodies with BG Tsukihii
CM: 2 fullbodies of MayaNara * :star: :star:
CM: 3 fullbodies/1 halfbody Tsukihii
CM: 6 pagedolls emu-chann *
CM: 3 chibis anniberri
CM: 6 fullbodies/3 chibis Kuuru-kun *:star: :star:
CM: 2 couples L-Nahuel

Done :star::star:
Paid *

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:bulletblue: Not started J1 by Kaji-Koneko
:bulletwhite: Sketch J2 by Kaji-Koneko
:bulletblue: Lineart J3 by Kaji-Koneko
:bulletwhite: Color J5 by Kaji-Koneko
:bulletblue: Done J7 by Kaji-Koneko


Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara PotatoAss *paid* Sketch :star-empty::star-empty:
a semi naruto full body of her oc and itachi forcing her to kiss him.

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara Deidarakitty *paid* Done

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara Bartimus-Jones *paid*Sketch :star-empty::star-empty:
naruto fullbody of Oc Makaiba…

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara RaitonFuuton *paid*
Chibi A full body of Oc Raikura……

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara SilentTimeKitty *paid*
Adventure Time style of ref:…

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara Chierue *paid*
"adventure time" style chibi of…

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara Urufei-Chopsticks *paid*
a couple blinkie of Urufei and Tobi

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by Gasara PiwyLullaby *paid*
couple blinkie of… and…



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